Keith Khan-Harris

Uncivil War: The Israel Conflict in the Jewish Community

Uncivil War: The Israel Conflict in the Jewish Community

There are jobs that turn out to be more than just another cover. And this was one of them.

After a few emails, I met the publisher in a nice Muswell Hill coffee. After a chat, we agreed that I would design a few books #freelancerlife and the first one to go was this one.

When I was handed this book, I thought it would be a nice challenge. The brief was good and it allowed me to push the boundaries a bit – like I mentioned in my previous post – which I love. And I did. I googled the author to find that not only he was a very interesting writer but also a heavy metal fan. Metal is not my thing – it was briefly in my early teens – however I do enjoy my Iron Maiden and my Manowar like I enjoy my goth and my prog (each to its own moments). So, Dr. Keith Khan-Harris, specialist in Judaism and heavy metal was my author. I thought to my self that this would be a great chance to work together for a good cover. And it was. (more…)